Book List


James Krenov Worker in Wood by James Krenov
A Cabinet Makers Notebook by James Krenov 
The Impractical Cabinetmaker by James Krenov
The Fine Art of Cabinetmaking by James Krenov
Woodcraft: Basic Concepts and Skills by Thelma R Newman

The Complete Woodworker by Jones
The Practical Woodworker by Jones
Cabinet Making for Beginners by Charles H Hayward
The Wood Book by Adkins
The Woodworker Guide to Joints by Jim Kingshott

200 Original Shop AIDS and Jigs for Woodworker by Capitosto
The Art of Japanese Joinery by Seike
Measure Twice Cut Once by Tolpin
The Family Handyman Toys Games & Furniture
Hand Hewn by William C Leitch

Craftsmen of Necessity by Christopher Williams
Simple Beauty The Shakers in America by William C Ketcham Jr
The Woodwrights Shop by Roy Underhill 
Fine Wood Working Biennial Design Book
Fine Wood Working Design Book Two 

Tage Frid Teaches Woodworking Joinery: Tools And Techniques
Carpentry for Builders by A B Amary
The New Traditional Woodworker by Jim Tolpin
Classic Joints with Power Tools by Yeung Chan
Woodwork joints by Charles H Hayward


American Country Furniture; Projects from the Workshops of David T Smith by Nick Engler and Mary Jane Favorite
Make a Windsor Chair by Michael Dunbar
The Woodworker's Book of Wooden Toys by Vance Studley 
The Great All-American Wooden Toy Book by Marshall

Art Nouveau Style by Laurence Buffet-Challie
Furniture Designed by Architects by Marian Page
Handcrafted Shelves and Cabinets by Amy Zafferano Rowland and William H Hilton
40 Easy to Build Projects by the editors of Rodale Books
Projects for the Home Craftsman by the editors of Rodale Books

Projects for the Home Craftsman by the editors of Rodale Books
The Art of Making Small Wood Boxes by Tony Lydgate
The Best of Wood Boxes edited by R Adam Blake


Boat Joinery and Cabinet Making Simplified by Bingham
Planking and Fastening and 25 Woodworking Projects by Woodenboat Series
Wood and Canvas Kayak Building by Putz
Designer and Client by Antonio Dios
Pocket Cruisers for the Backyard Builder by Dave Kerr

Yacht Style by Daniel Spurr
How to Build Wooden Boats by Edwin Monk
50 Wooden Boats by Woodenboat Magazine
The Wood and Canvas Canoe by Jerry Stellmock
Boat Carpentry by Hervey Garrett Smith

Understanding Boat Design by Ted Brewer


Brightwork: The Art of Finishing Wood by Whitman
The Furniture Doctor by George Graz

Home and Garden

The $50 and up Underground House Book by Mike Oeler
From the Bauhaus to Bird House by Leslie Garisto
Weekend Woodworking for the Garden by Cindy Burda
Building Garden Furniture by Martin and Rankin
The Best of Fine Homebuilding: Kitchens

30 Energy-Efficient Houses You Can Build by Alex Wade and Neil Ewenstein

Carving and Sculpture

The Book of Wood Carving by Sayers
Carving Birds and Beasts The Best from Woodcarving Magazine 
Techniques of Wood Surface Decoration by David Hawkins
The Art of Marquetry by Stevens
Woodcarving and Whittling for Everyone Gottshall

Creating Small Wooden Objects as Functional Sculpture by Meilach
The Art of Inlay by Larry Robinson
Letter Carving in Wood; A Practical Course by Chris Pye

Musical Instruments

Musical Instrument Design by Bart Hopkin
Great Folk Instruments to Make and Play by Dennis Waring
Making Folk Instruments in Wood by Dennis Waring
The Making of Stringed Instruments George Buchanan
Guitar Making Cumpiano /Natelson

Tools And Shop

Step by Step Knife Making by David Boye
Fractional Horsepower Electric Motors Adele
Classic Hand Tools by Garrett Hack
Making and Mastering Wood Planes by David Finck forward by James Krenov
Home Hardware Handbook by the editors of Mother Earth News

Mother's 101 Workshop Projects by the editors of Mother Earth News
Workshop Methods of Work by Richie
The Workbench Book by Scott Landis
The Toolbox Book by Jim Tolpin
Start and Run a Profitable Craft Business by William G Hines

The Garrett Wade Book of Woodworking Tools by Gary Chin and John Sainsbury
The Craftsman's Handbook "I'll Libro dell Arte" by Cennino d'Andrea Cennini
Small Production Woodworking for the Home Shop By Kerry Pierce
The Making of Tools by Alexander G. Weygers
Woodworker's Essential Shop Aids and Jigs by Robert Wearing


The Craftsman Woodturner by Peter Child
Practical Designs for Wood Turning by Roland Seale
Artistic Woodturning by Dale L Nish
Woodturning A Foundation Course by Keith Rowley
Turned Boxes 50 Designs by Chris Stott


Goodfellow Catalogue of Wonderful Things