Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pintail Finished

I finished the Duckboat a while back but I just have written about it. It was a fairly easy boat to build and excellent first boat to build. I think it was a bit overbuilt, That seems to be a trait among the boats that were drawn by William Jackson. But then, they were mostly working boats built by working men. I chose this boat for stability not for speed. And that is what I got. I intended to use it for photography. And it is excellent for that.

I painted the outside with Rustoleum oil based paint. I only primed the inside. I didn't paint it. I did that to allow the wood to breath. In case the wood does absorb water from a scratch in the outside paint I didn't want it to be trapped by being encased in paint. This is my own opinion and I could be totally wrong but after 15 years of working on boats and wood homes I have seen a lot of rot caused by water getting into wood and not having a way out. This is part of the reason why I didn't fiberglass the hull or encapsulate the thing in epoxy. Eventually, water will find a way in. If it doesn't find it's way back out, rot will happen.


  1. Greg, What kind of plywood did you use for this boat? You said that there was underlayment from the big orange place, and this is the stuff I found.



    My cousin and I are planning on building a similar boat, but we first need to figure out what kind of plywood we could use. Thank you!

    1. whoops, I meant to have this for the first link:


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